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Renova Foundation organizes live talk on water management

Published in: 09/25/2017

Water Monitoring , Gestão da Água

Yone Fonseca- leader of the actions related to water use- will conduct the live broadcast

On September 29, at 2:00 p.m., Yone Fonseca, leader of the actions related to water use, will conduct the sixth live talk of Renova via YouTube. She will talk about the three pillars of her department: monitoring, water supply and treatment, and sanitation.

Com o início da operação do Programa de Monitoramento Quali-Quantitativo Sistemático, o Doce se tornou um dos rios mais monitorados do Brasil | Foto: Marcus Desimoni / Nitro

After the dam collapse, the monitoring of the Doce River water was reinforced. In July 2017, the Quali-Quantitative Systematic Monitoring Program came into operation, making the Doce River one of the most monitored rivers in Brazil.

To reduce the risk of water shortage in the 24 municipalities that withdraw water from the Doce River and that faced temporary disruption of the public water supply operations, the Renova Foundation is implementing alternative supply systems.  The construction of river pipelines, the creation of wells and the improvements to the water treatment plants (ETAs) are some measures being implemented.

In addition, sewage treatment plants (ETEs) and sanitary landfills are being built in 39 municipalities, between Mariana (MG) and Regência (ES).

The conversation will be an opportunity to present the actions that are taking place along the Doce River basin and to answer questions of users. The live talks are all about the continuous collective construction of solutions, as well as sharing information about the progress of the repair actions conducted by the Renova Foundation.

To learn more about the meeting, visit the event page.

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