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Follow The Reparation Actions For The Second Edition Of Doce River Expedition

Published in: 11/21/2022

Considered one of the largest mappings produced in a hydrographic basin, the second descent down the river takes information about the work carried out by the Renova Foundation

For the second time, the Doce river basin was the scene of an expedition that recorded and captured, through images, the current conditions of the region affected by the Fundao dam collapse, in Mariana (MG), in 2015. Launched in 2021, Doce River Expedition brings one of the largest detailed topographic mapping ever produced in a hydrographic basin. The initiative aims to provide transparency and generate knowledge about the repair and compensation works carried out by the Renova Foundation along the Doce River. 

The platform, incorporated into Google Street View, houses audiovisual content, interactive resources and information on water quality, and allows the entire society to navigate the Doce River in a virtual way. In addition to capturing the images through a 360º camera, the team produced mini-documentaries that show the actions carried out and the integration of communities with the river. 

Access and check out the image galleries, informative cards and videos. The new edition of Doce River Expedition has as a differential the period of capture of the images, made in the dry period, which goes from April to September. All this content is available on the platform

Check out the Doce River Expedition in numbers


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