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Published in: 06/07/2019

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The event, which brings together surfers from all over Brazil, increases regional tourism and economy


The 2019 edition of the Triple Crown of Wave Break Surfing is about to start along the Espirito Santo coast. The first phase of the competition takes place in Povoacao, Linhares (ES), over the next two weekends. On 06/08 and 06/09 the competition of the amateur categories will be held, and from 06/14 to 06/16 the professional category.

After Povoacao, the circuit also goes to the beaches of Pontal do Ipiranga and Regencia, in Linhares (ES). | Photo: Nitro Images

The analyst of the Program Supporting Tourism, Culture, Sport and Recreation of the Renova Foundation, Erika Carvalho, highlights the importance of the partnership in this second year of the event. “It is fundamental both for the promotion of sport, which has great potential for development in the region, and for the resumption of tourism at the mouth of the Doce River, with the generation of income and opportunities for the entire community,” says Erika Carvalho.

Expectation are high for the surfer of the Regional category, Fabricio Fiorot, resident of Regencia and owner of a hostel. “I invested the indemnity payments I received from Renova in my business to take advantage of opportunities like this, events that attract tourists. Expectation for the festival this year are very good and we are ready to welcome the people. Regarding the championship, last year I came in second place in the regional category and I am training hard now to go for the long-dreamed title of champion,” he says.

The first circuit, held in 2018, was a success among the public and the athletes. This year, the prize has gained a boost in the professional category: each round R$ 40 thousand can be won. And for the winner of the circuit, a ticket to enjoy the high season in Hawaii. Also new, the amateur categories now includes Gromets (up to 12 years), Junior (above 17) and Kahuna (above 45 years). The champions of the Regional, Open and Master categories, win a trip to El Salvador.

Defending the title, the sportsman Kristyan Kymerson, who is ranked 15th in the world surfing ranking, is one of the highlights of the circuit. Last year, in addition to winning the competition, the surfer was the Espirito Santo and Brazilian professional surf champion.

“I know the beaches of Linhares well because I surf in Pontal do Ipiranga and in Regencia, which have some of the most perfect waves in the country. I’m going to try to defend the title again here this year and I’m counting on the local crowd to root for me. It is a very big responsibility, as there will be many top athletes competing. Last year, there were a lot of good people and this year it promises to get even better. Today, for me, this championship is one of the best in the country both because of the waves and because of the setup of the event, “he says.

The coastal town will have a great set up for the event, which will be broadcast live on YouTube – using Surfcore technology. Nelson Ferreira and Jose Augusto Muleta receive Marcos Bocayuva to comment on the competition. In addition, shows with regional bands and other attractions will bring music and fun to the village.

Triple Crown of Wave Break Surfing

The championship will be divided into three rounds. After the first, in Povoacao, the second will be taking place in August, in Pontal do Ipiranga, and the third in October, in the waves of Regencia. The circuit is organized by the Linhares Surfing Association (ASL), in partnership with the Renova Foundation, and support from the Linhares Municipal Office through the Tourism, Culture, Sport and Recreation Department.

In 2019, the events jumped to level 5A, granted again by Abrasp (Brazilian Association of Professional Surf) and Fesurf (Espirito Santo Federation of Surf). Per round, there are 4,000 points to be obtained in the ranking and R$ 40 thousand in prizes.

The Triple Crown is a great festival, with a surf show on the beach and concerts. Installations will be set up on the square where the event will be held, with craft fairs and typical food and drinks of the region. On Friday night, 06/14, Jonathan Coimbra and Onda Boa will entertain the crowd. On Saturday, 06/15, the Roland Band will take stage and the great attraction of the event, Saulo Simonassi.



Location: Beach of Povoacao

Dates: June 08 and 09 – Amateurs

June 14 to 16 – Professional

Categories: Professional (96 spots); Open, Master and Regional (24 spots each); Gromets (12 spots); Junior (12 spots); and Kahuna (24 spots).


Per round:

  • Professional – $40 thousand in cash.
  • Open – 1 Surfboard Victory Surf House + Wave Breaker Kit + Accessories 30 Pes
  • Master – 1 Surfboard Victory Surf House + Wave Breaker Kit + Accessories 30 Pes
  • Regional – 1 Surfboard Victoria Surf House + Wave Break Kit + Accessories 30 Pes
  • Kahuna – 1 Surfboard Victory Surf House + Wave Breaker Kit + Accessories 30 Pes
  • Gromets and Junior – Wave Breaker Kit + Accessories 30 Pes

Circuit Prizes:

  • Professional – ticket to Hawaii.
  • Regional – ticket to El Salvador.
  • Open – ticket to El Salvador.
  • Master – ticket to El Salvador.

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