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Published in: 02/21/2020


Projects may be presented until the end of February

The deadline for DOCE RFP ES applications has been extended. Interested parties have until February 28 to submit their proposals. The RFP will allocate up to R$ 4.5 million to support social initiatives that promote Tourism, Culture, Sports and Recreation in Espirito Santo municipalities impacted by the collapse of the Fundao dam in Mariana (MG). 

Those that may participate are individuals, micro-entrepreneurs, collectives and informal groups, non-profit organizations and companies with operations, office or residency in the municipalities covered by the program (Aracruz, Baixo Guandu, Colatina, Conceiçao da Barra, Fundao, Linhares, Marilandia, Sao Mateus, Serra and Sooretama). Each bidding party may submit up to three proposals. The initiatives selected may be new or existing ones and they must be carried out within 12 months. The amount will be divided according to estimates by the municipalities and the areas within scope.

Take a look at the schedule:
02/28/2020 – Application deadline
04/24/2020 – Disclosure of proposals classified in the technical analysis
06/18/2020 – Disclosure of projects APPROVED in the Doce RFP ES

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