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Published in: 07/21/2021

Animal Assistance , Assistência aos Animais

Due to the pandemic, the adoption service is remote 

After the Fundao dam collapse, several animals were rescued, and some are still waiting for a new home, as is the case for 8 dogs still under the care of the Renova Foundation on a farm in the town of Mariana (MG). Since last year, those interested in adopting a pet are assisted remotely due to the pandemic, and people from other towns and states can also apply. Pets can even be brought to your home!

The pets have already been neutered, dewormed and all their vaccines and exams are up to date, so they are ready to move to their new homes. Those interested in adopting one of the dogs should contact us by phone (31) 9712-9806 (also WhatsApp) or by email, to receive information, images, and guidance about the adoption process.

The next step is an online interview with the person considering adoption, according to their availability. Its purpose is to better understand the interested person’s profile and whether they really will be able to receive the dog safely and responsibly.

From Mariana to the new home

After the interview, and after all questions and concerns have been addressed, the adoption is confirmed, and the pet’s delivery is scheduled. To prevent Covid-19, all the recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health are being complied with. This way, the delivery or pick up of the pets is scheduled following the guidelines of the locations involved.

Adoption is open to all those interested in districts outside the Mariana region (MG). Some of the already adopted pets live in towns in Minas Gerais, Espirito Santo, and even Goias. How the pet will be delivered is defined during the adoption process.

Taking care of pets and responsibility

Adopting a pet requires responsibility, so before the adoption, the interested person receives a booklet on responsible guardianship, with guidelines on how to take care of the pet. Only after this step, documents such as the adoption and responsibility agreement are signed so that the delivery of the pet can be scheduled.

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