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Doce River water monitoring features automatic stations

Published in: 01/11/2017

Water Monitoring

Devices generate information of high quality and will contribute to work improvement

The process of the water quality analysis of the Doce River will feature 22 automatic monitoring stations, starting July this year, in addition to current manual collections.

The devices will generate data on rainfall, air temperature and river water level. The results will be transmitted online to form an information and alarm network for the Command Centers and Water Supply Companies during the rainy season.

Eight of these stations will be equipped with a probe that hourly measures multiple parameters such as turbidity, acidity (pH), conductivity and water temperature, as well as the existence of microorganisms. This information will support the operational planning of the Water Treatment Plants.

Manual water collection of Doce River water for monitoring

Manual water collection of Doce River water for monitoring. | Photo: Leo Drumond / NITRO

Currently, the collection takes place manually at 115 points distributed in the basin of the Doce River and in the coastal region. The reports generated are made available to regulatory agencies and public authorities and are in accordance with the parameters set by competent bodies.

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