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Published in: 08/25/2021

The Renova Foundation

Renova Foundation will allocate resources for works, projects, services, equipment and other actions to consolidate the Conservation Unit


Considered the largest tropical rainforest in Minas Gerais, the Doce River State Park (Perd) will receive R$ 93 million in compensatory resources from the Renova Foundation, which will be used in a set of actions to improve the structure of the site. The transfer will be applied to the consolidation of the conservation unit and will ensure increased effectiveness in management, improved service provision and protection of natural resources. Thus, the action will also strengthen tourism and induce economic development in the region.

Located in Doce River Valley, Perd was the first conservation unit created by the State, in 1944, and covers the largest continuous forest mass of the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, in addition to sheltering endemic and endangered species.

The first of the four installments has already been transferred and the amounts will be used for investments in works, projects, services and acquisition of goods and equipment, in addition to enabling the conservation unit’s financial sustainability. Among the actions planned are the acquisition of vehicles and boats and trailers; purchase and installation of video surveillance system, installation of bird observation tower, revision of the Management Plan, research and environmental education, marketing and communication consultancy.

For the use of the resources, an action plan was prepared to be managed by the State Forestry Institute (IEF). The resources are being transferred through judicial deposits to the 12th Federal Court of Belo Horizonte, which will manage them so that the state government of Minas Gerais can use them. To date, around R$ 18 million have been allocated.


Doce River Expedition

The Doce River State Park was one of the stopping points of the Doce River Expedition, which brings records of river, sea, land and air routes, carried out in fieldwork between November 2020 and January this year. Details of the basin can be seen on Google Street View and on the interactive platform, created to make the current socio-environmental conditions of the river more transparent, generate knowledge and bring information about water quality. Discover the richness of the Doce river basin through videos, sounds and exclusive photos. Access to browse:


Compensatory resources

In addition to the transfer of compensatory resources to Perd, the integrated action between the Renova Foundation, the governments of Espirito Santo and Minas Gerais, with the participation of the Rio Doce Mayors Forum, is allocating approximately R$ 830 million to investments in education, infrastructure and health in the region impacted by the collapse of the Fundao dam. Among the actions planned are the restructuring of 900 schools and the completion of the works at the Regional Hospital of Governador Valadares (MG).

Resources will also be invested in works on 153 km of highways in Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo. For the government of Minas Gerais, R$ 140 million will be transferred, with R$ 12 million for the renovation of the MG-900 stretch for access to the Doce River State Park (Bispo) and R$ 128 million for the structuring of the road stretch from MG-760, between BR-262 and São José do Goiabal – Cava Grande, which connects Doce River Valley to Zona da Mata in Minas Gerais.

The structuring projects presented by the governments of both States and municipal governments have the potential to diversify the local economy, attract investments and also generate employment and income. They will also facilitate access to important tourist centers, such as the coast of Espirito Santo and the Doce River State Park, and encourage the movement of people and the flow of local and regional production.

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