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District Of Ponte Do Gama, In Mariana (Mg), Gains New Spaces For Collective Use

Published in: 08/17/2022

Infraestrutura , Mariana Territory

In addition to accessibility and safety, the works will return important recreation areas to the community.

Residents of Ponte do Gama, district of Mariana, in Minas Gerais, will be able to count on a new soccer field and a horse-riding arena. With about 60 employees working in the constructions, the public facilities are expected to be completed in the first half of 2023. The works provide accessibility and security for the community, with a lighting system and improved access for vehicles and pedestrians.

The construction of the equipment follows the project developed together with the community, through the Community Association of Residents. According to Lucas Jordan, Project and Works specialist, the works will return important recreation areas to the district, based on a project that takes into account their needs and preferences. “The planning of the soccer field, for example, was based on the positioning of the sun in the four seasons of the year, in a way that did not compromise the performance of the teams during use”. 

The project also includes a drainage system, lawn according to official standards and fence. Licensed and authorized by the community, municipality and competent bodies, the project takes into account environmental adaptations, respecting the Permanent Preservation Area (PPA).

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After the completion of the soccer field and the riding arena, an indoor sports court will be built, with a floor marked for futsal, volleyball, handball and basketball. In addition, the space will also have changing rooms and cafeterias with a common area for holding events. A new access to Cruzeiro de Ponte do Gama, a place used by the community for religious festivities, is also underway. The works include security improvements, with concrete stairs and guardrails.

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