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Founder of Plant-for-the-Planet, Felix Finkbeiner, goes to Mariana to meet the Climate Justice Ambassadors

Published in: 11/20/2017

Environmental Education

The goal of the organization is to plant one trillion trees worldwide by 2020

Plant-for-the-Planet was born in Germany in 2007 when Felix Finkbeiner was 9 years old. Inspired by Wangari Maathai from Kenya, who planted 30 million trees in Africa in 30 years, Felix came up with the idea to ​​encourage children to plant one million trees in all countries of the world. This goal was reached in 2013. The movement gained the support of the United Nations Environment Programme. Today, the goal of Plant-for-the-Planet is to plant 1 trillion trees by 2020. That’s 150 trees per person on the planet.

Check out in numbers the impacts of deforestation in the world and the organization’s achievements over the last 10 years:


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