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Published in: 09/23/2019

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Over 700 people participated in training and support initiatives for entrepreneurs in Linhares (ES)


Training, technical advice, consulting, exchange of experiences and events are among the main actions carried out in the Doce River Mouth region by Renova’s Economy and Innovation Program. The objective is to diversify and revive the local economy in the communities of Linhares, Regencia and Povoacao, impacted by the Fundao dam collapse. 

To date, approximately R$ 4 million has been invested in initiatives at the river mouth, which have served more than 700 people, including residents and entrepreneurs in the areas of crafts, fishing, restaurant owners, inns, campings and event venue – also contributing to the strengthening of the tourist activity in the region.

This is the case of river mouth artisan groups, which have received technical support and training courses to improve production. Renova also offered workshops on design, creativity, identity, processes, packaging, price management and sales, among others. Currently, 21 artisans are receiving individualized advice.

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“The artisans will be able to reach other markets, which require design and improved production because the demands are much higher. Our goal is to work with each artisan, enhancing their skills and production,” explains consultant Christine Reuter, who leads the work.

Knowledge Expedition

Another important initiative in the region is focused on tourism. In May, 18 entrepreneurs and representatives of the communities – retailers, fishermen and artisans – visited Piaui and Maranhao, destinations chosen for their proximity to both the sea and the river and potential for promoting tourism. After the experience, they began to design a project to be implemented in the river mouth region.

“Supporting these groups is critical for the resumption process of impacted business and creating new opportunities, generating income and boosting the local economy,” says Kadio Serge Aristide, Renova’s Socio-Economic Programs analyst.

Rodrigo Bezerra, owner of a Regencia Inn, participated in the expedition and points out that the trip helped him to see that it is possible to improve the tourist attractions at the Doce River Mouth. “It was very important to waken our motivation to transform our potential into tourist attractions. We saw that it is possible to integrate communities to create a route and further develop activities at the Doce River. We are meeting periodically and this month (September) we intend to set up a project with new initiatives to encourage tourism,” he says.

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