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Council approves urban development for resettlement of Bento Rodrigues

Published in: 12/21/2017

Reconstruction , Reconstrução de Vilas

This Thursday (12/21), the Municipal Council of Mariana unanimously approved a bill (PL) that authorizes the transformation of the Lavoura site, according the law a rural area, into a zone for ​urban expansion. The approval of this clean bill (PLC) 108/2017, with amendments to the municipal master plan, is fundamental to proceed with the construction process of the new town of Bento Rodrigues.

The adjustment is a legal prerequisite for land use and occupation, and the thereafter division of land into lots. The bill now awaits approval of the mayor of Mariana, Duarte Júnior (PPS).

The Lavoura site was selected by the community of Bento Rodrigues on May 7, 2016. The urban development project, created by the Renova Foundation to meet the needs raised by 225 families and preserve neighborly relations, was approved in January 2017. However, some adjustments were needed and thus included in the two new proposals which were presented last month to the community.

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