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Published in: 08/07/2019

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Artisans and embroiderers from Regencia and Povoacao have been receiving training since January this year


Artisans from the Regencia and Povoacao districts in Linhares, Espirito Santo, are receiving individualized technical support and training courses to improve their production. The initiative aims to support the revitalization of handicrafts in the region and is carried out by the Renova Foundation’s Economy and Innovation front.

The actions began in January 2019, when a lecture on competitive handicrafts was held, open to the whole community. In February and March, artisans participated in workshops on topics such as design, creativity, identity, processes, packaging, price management and sales, preparing them in a practical way.

Those who completed the workshops, 21 artisans – 13 in Povoacao and eight in Regencia – are receiving individualized consultancy services. They are focused on how to improve product design, price calculation and also how to manage production according to the markets they want to reach.

Currently, the group is producing a collection called “The Doce River is still alive”, which will be presented at the ArteSanto Arts & Crafts fair – held in Vitoria (ES), from November 2 to 10. Each artisan contributes with their technique and style in embroidery, seaming and crochet pieces that represent the animals of the Doce River. 

“The artisans are delighted to be part of the consultancy sessions and realize that they will be able to reach other markets, which demands design and improved production because the demands are much higher. We are empowering them for this. Our goal is to work with each artisan, enhancing their skills and production, innovating their products to test the market. After the fair, we will evaluate and make adjustments, if necessary, allowing to broaden their horizons, either of production or of the market. This is both challenging and rewarding,” explains consultant Christine Reuter, who leads the work.

Artisan Nancy Costa Penha, from Povoacao, says the consultancy is helping the community’s embroidery group. “This individualized support is assisting us a great deal. We are learning slowly but surely, broadening our horizons. We received suggestions that teach us how to make better use of materials and tips about finishing touches to improve the look of our handicrafts,” she says.

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