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Published in: 09/29/2020

Water Supply

In all, 550 job posts will be created at the peak of the works, in the first half of next year

The installation of pipes of the new water main in Governador Valadares will be resumed after the signing of the contract with Odebrecht Engineering and Construction (OEC), the company responsible for the execution of the works. The construction of the new water main will generate a total of 550 jobs at the peak of the works, in the first half of the next year, mostly by OEC.

Job vacancies are already open and are created by OEC, most of them for the following roles: Foreman, carpenter, mason, iron structure assembler, general assembler, truck driver, equipment operator, plumber, mechanic, electrician, painter, welder, and construction assistant. Applicants should seek the SINE (National Employment system) in Governador Valadares for registration and intermediation of the labor to be hired for the enterprise.

With the resumption of pipe installations, there will be three companies in the construction sites, performing different fronts of work. The OEC will be responsible for the installation of the pipes, crossings in rivers and streams, and water capture; Praeng Engineering is responsible for the crossings under the railway line, and Remo Engineering is responsible for the transmission line (electric power) of the construction site.

The hiring of each construction company followed a rigorous analysis of technical capacity, financial health, and integrity, approved by the governance of the Renova Foundation, in order to enable a delivery with quality and technical rigor. The Renova Foundation will be responsible for the supervision and management of the entire process.

All activities in the sites have been following and will continue to follow a series of safety measures to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, such as daily measurement of the temperature of employees, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between workers, intensification of equipment hygiene, mandatory use of masks, individualized meals, among other actions.

The New  Governador Valadares water main will take water from the Corrente Grande River to the Water Treatment Plants (WTPs) for the Santa Rita, Vila Isa, and Downtown neighborhoods. It will have the capacity to supply 900 liters of water per second, so as to provide water to the headquarters of the municipality of Governador Valadares under the terms of the TTAC (Transaction and Conduct Adjustment Term).

Job openings

To apply for the available posts you must schedule your appointment and register (or update) your resume in person at the SINE in Governador Valadares:

– Schedule your appointment on the link:

– After completing the scheduling process, go to the address: Avenida Dr. Raimundo Monteiro Rezende 330, Centro.

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