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Community receives new Gustavo Capanema Municipal School

Published in: 12/08/2016


The work is a landmark in the rescue of the social, cultural and educational environment of the community

Yesterday (07/12), the inauguration ceremony of the Gustavo Capanema Municipal School was held, in Gesteira, district of Barra Longa (MG). On the same day the sports court and the square were opened, thus forming an area for the community’s social and leisure activities. The new school location will also facilitate commuting of parents and students, since now all spaces are interconnected and in a more central point of the village.

All the reconstruction work of the school unit, completed by the Renova Foundation, followed the guidelines of the Ministry of Education (MEC) and the National Fund for the Development of Education (FNDE). The Municipal Department of Education together with the State Inspection of Education of the State of Minas Gerais also followed the project of the school, which has the capacity to serve 30 students in two rooms, one for 12 and the other for 18 students from Pre-k and elementary education.

Assemblies, meetings, gatherings and the support of the residents were fundamental for the school construction project, which lasted almost five months. During this period, we listened carefully to the community, teachers, community leaders, community priest and members of public authorities. Another important action was the technical visit conducted with teachers, community leaders and two members of public authority of the town of Barra Longa at a school located in Anchieta (ES), to learn about a new construction method, which uses concrete and PVC.

The highlight of the school is the artwork panel, measuring 3.2 meters in height, installed at the entrance, with work by students and teachers, who during the community consultation meetings, designed their expectations of the new project. The panel also has the names of seven students and two current teachers on it.

One is Antonia Aparecida de Araujo, who completed 27 years of teaching, most of them at Gustavo Capanema. She understands that the panel is more than an artistic expression and that it is a sort of signature. And she is proud to have taken part in the construction process. Aparecida was, for example, part of the delegation of residents that went to Anchieta (ES) to visit and learn about the nursery built in concrete and PVC, the construction method used in the project. The teacher also helped mobilize the residents for the voting event held to decide the new location of the school, downtown Gesteira.

Watch below the construction process of the art panel led by the Renova Foundation with the children and teachers of the Gesteira community.

Arlinda Xavier, general services assistant who worked in the former Gustavo Capanema School for 18 years, visited once the site, a few months ago, when the works were still in progress. Even though the walls weren’t painted yet, she couldn’t hide the anxiety and joy about working at the new location. Geralda Caetana de Araújo, teacher at Gustavo Capanema for 30 years, also shares this same expectation. Like Arlinda, she got to know the new facilities and said many of the new features were requested by teachers, parents and students. The secretary office, an old request of the teaching corps, is an example.

The children, excited about the new school, are already thinking of the future and, when asked about what they want to be when they grow up, among the answers are soccer player, ballerina, forestry engineer, construction worker, veterinarian, lawyer and business owner.

Watch the video below, which brings a time lapse of the entire construction work of the new Municipal Gustavo Capanema School.

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