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Published in: 09/21/2017

Renova Esclarece

The Renova Foundation would like to clarify some points about the incidents related to the resale of cards destined to the indemnification of those impacted by the collapse of the Fundão dam in Governador Valadares (MG). In order to guarantee transparency and integrity in the indemnification process for water shortages, cards are only delivered to those who are effectively entitled to compensation, after adhesion, showing proof and agreeing with the terms of the Mediated Indemnity Program (PIM).

Renova emphasizes that the card is only delivered in person, upon presentation of an ID. The impacted person, upon receiving the card, signs a receipt in which he expressly acknowledges and assumes the commitment that the document is personal and non-transferable. Therefore, the indemnity credited to the card belongs to the impacted person to whom the card was delivered.

The Renova Foundation is available to cooperate where necessary with the competent authorities.

Renova aims to indemnify, within the agreed period, all those who were directly impacted by the tragedy along the Doce River. To date, more than 79,000 people in Governador Valadares have received their indemnity credits for the damage due to water shortages resulting from the collapse, comprising approximately R$ 81 million.

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