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Published in: 02/17/2020

Traditional Peoples

The event united generations in the Remaining Quilombola Community of Degredo.


With the proposal of raising cultural and environmental issues, promoting culture and safeguarding traditions, on February 7 and 9, the Come See Quilombola Traditions project took place in the Remaining Quilombola Community of Degredo in Linhares. 

Residents of the community came together to celebrate their roots in this event organized by the Renova Foundation in partnership with the Quilombolas Association of Degredo. 

Teenagers and children participated in activities such as painting and environmental education workshops, in addition to active games, conversation circles and soccer tournaments. All activities were planned with the integration of the different generations in mind, to strengthen ties that were being lost due to changes in lifestyle caused by the Fundao dam collapse.

Jose Leite Costa, president of the Quilombolas Association of Degredo, believes that these moments are important for the continuity of traditions. “What I saw as a child and the legacy that my grandfather left me, I want to pass that on to the community. This here is for them, so they can grow up understanding how we did things in the past and how we do things today through tradition”, he said.

One of the community leaders, Monica Silva de Jesus Pazinatto, said she was thrilled with the project. “It is such a magical moment. I love it. This event was requested by the Quilombola Commission and the Renova Foundation was willing to help. Safeguarding our culture is very important, listening to people’s stories, emotions… It is crucial that children do not get lost in this world, because when we forget our roots we no longer remember where we came from. It was great to see the children interacting with the elderly,” she said.

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