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Check Out The News From The Communities Of Bento Rodrigues And Paracatu De Baixo

Published in: 08/22/2022

Resettlements , Mariana Territory

The new edition of the Resettlement Reports is available with updated information on the works and activities for the residents

Entrepreneurship is being encouraged with young people from the resettlements of Bento Rodrigues, Paracatu de Baixo, Familiar and Pecúnia of Mariana and Barra Longa. The Sprout! project is offering training, mentoring and consulting services to 22 residents aged between 15 and 29, with the aim of transforming the reality of communities based on innovative ideas. Carried out by the Renova Foundation, in partnership with the IEBT, the initiative will promote the development of business-oriented actions, contributing to the local economy.

A survey carried out between May and June 2020 showed a desire by young people in the communities to have their own business. According to IEBT consultant Luiza Freire, “Sprout! will work on essential skills for the professional of the future who wants to open new businesses and encourage partnerships between entrepreneurs”.

Bento Rodrigues

The Renova Foundation, in cooperation with Unesco, is developing actions to socialize and value culture. In May, the resettlement school hosted the Family Festival, the community school’s annual social gathering. About 300 people participated in theater, dances and workshops organized by students, teachers and staff. 

A circle of country guitar and guitar promoted the meeting of 40 people to play, sing and dance old country fashions. Zezinho Café says he was with friends he hadn’t seen for over four months. “There’s nothing better than meeting special people again to be able to chat, with a guitar.” 

And the works keep moving forward. Check, in numbers, the resettlement progress so far. 

Click here for more information, in the latest edition of the Resettlement Report.

In Mariana, courses and training are being promoted at Casa dos Saberes. With openings for dance, handicrafts, sewing and music workshops, the activities allow for the exchange of knowledge in a fun way among the community. The restoration of Casa da Banda, in Monsenhor Horta, has been completed. The São Caetano Musical Society School Museum will house scores, photos and letters, in addition to offering musical training courses.

Paracatu de Baixo 

Work on the resettlement is ongoing, with more than 1700 employees in the field. The objective is to speed up the construction of the houses so that, soon, the families can start moving. Check how the works are going and click here to read the latest news in the Resettlement Report. 

Also access the Virtual Tour and follow the works in Bento Rodrigues and Paracatu de Baixo:

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