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Letter to the communities of Mariana and the Doce River Basin

Published in: 11/05/2017

At this time, two years after the Fundão dam collapse in Mariana (MG), the Renova Foundation, in solidarity with the people affected, reaffirms its commitment to the integral reparation of damages and the construction of a new future for Mariana and the entire Doce River basin region.

Although there is still much work that needs to be done in order to indemnify all those impacted and to build all houses, restore the environment and recover the Doce River, we want to ensure that all short, medium and long-term commitments will be fulfilled.

The year 2018 will be marked by the progress of the reparation process. Construction of the three affected villages will begin in the first months of the year and the completion and delivery will be, as planned, in 2019. Most indemnity payments for general damages will be completed by mid-2018. The water quality along the Doce River will continue to be safe and under control, its monitoring being the most complete in the country today. The tailings management plan will be in progress and the Candonga Plant will be cleared for reoperation in the second half of 2018.

There is a lot of work being done and a lot to do. We believe that the only possible way to achieve this with the effective participation of society is through dialogue, mediation and negotiation. This is a more complex road, in which criticism, friction and disagreement will be part of daily life. And because it is a new, large-scale road, we will have to face difficulties. The repair actions will often require corrections or solutions that do not yet exist and will have to be created by all of us.

We are convinced of everyone’s commitment to overcoming the obstacles and contributing to the advancement of the reparation. We are hundreds of people, involved day and night, in the largest environmental and social recovery action under construction in the country. We are part of a larger group, formed not only by Renova’s technicians, but also by a combination of individual efforts and dozens of entities from public bodies, civil organizations, companies, universities and research institutions, as well as representatives from the affected communities. All mobilized in the process of integral restoration and construction of a new future for Mariana and the entire Doce River basin.

Our commitment, in the first place, is with those affected.

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