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Published in: 05/12/2022

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Mass celebration and children’s film session at the school end March in the new district

Two important events for the community marked the month of March in the resettlement of Bento Rodrigues. On the 20th, children from 6 to 12 years old enjoyed the screening of the film “Tibum – The first country bumpkin superhero ever known”, at the Bento Rodrigues Municipal School. At the end of the session, a workshop on traditional games and nursery rhymes was held.

On the 27th, a mass was celebrated in the school gymnasium. At the request of the residents, the first celebration took place in February and had the participation of children in the face-to-face return of catechesis. Meetings have been taking place remotely since the beginning of the pandemic. The catechist Rosilene Gonçalves da Silva says that it was very gratifying to bring the community together again. “We needed this, because here in Mariana, many live in different neighborhoods and districts. It’s hard to get everyone together. We are happy with the moment and we are looking forward to living there and carrying out catechesis every Sunday, as it was before”, she comments. The celebration is scheduled to take place on the fourth Sunday of each month at the venue. 

The activities aim to promote different actions that can unite residents even more and preserve the culture and customs of the community.

Public Facilities

In addition to the Health and Services Center, the Bento Rodrigues Municipal School is one of the public facilities that are completed in the resettlement. The space has 12 classrooms, teachers’ room, science laboratory, multipurpose room, computer room, library, secretariat, changing rooms, patios, playground, accessible restrooms, cafeteria, covered sports court and parking. Currently, there are 202 families in being serviced and actively participating in the construction of the new district that is, so far, with its infrastructure and 47 houses completed. Through the Virtual Tour, on the Resettlement page, it is possible to follow the progress of the works:


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