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Barra Longa features automatic monitoring of air quality

Published in: 03/27/2017

Over 5,700 monthly measurements in the municipality

Since February 2016, Barra Longa (MG) has an automatic air quality monitoring station, installed downtown, which also monitors the following weather conditions: wind direction, wind speed, air temperature, rainfall and relative humidity. The automatic monitoring provides 24 results per day, per parameter, totaling 5,760 measurements per month.

The measured air quality in Barra Longa is within the parameters required by law. The only exception is October 2016, when a deviation of the indicator was detected due to paving works, the reconstruction of the town’s main square and avenue, which were fast-paced and now, are nearly finished. Another important factor to note is that, for technical construction reasons, during the execution of the works the wetting of these routes was interrupted.

The Renova Foundation held a meeting with representatives of the State Environmental Foundation (FEAM) to report the incident as well as to present the technical reasons for the higher amounts of dust recorded by the station in October.

Several actions were taken to reduce the impacts caused by the works, including:

  • Water tank trucks on the town’s main traffic routes;
  • Spraying the town’s main traffic routes clean;
  • Tests with dust suppressant polymer mixed with water of the water tank trucks;
  • Fog cannons at the Exhibition Center;
  • Vacuum sweeper truck;
  • Revegetation of exposed areas.

Click here to have a look at the monthly Barra Longa air quality monitoring reports.

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