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Published in: 04/11/2019

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Licensing is another important step towards the initiation of the reconstruction works in the subdistrict


On 04/08, the Municipal Council of Environmental Development (Codema) approved the environmental license for the resettlement of Paracatu de Baixo, in Mariana (MG). The licensing was granted after the analysis of environmental studies filed by the Renova Foundation in January 2019, and subsequent technical report issued by the Municipal Secretary for the Environment and Sustainable Development.

Since last year, works have been taking place on the resettlement land to prepare the construction site. | Photo: Released

Still necessary are the urban development license and permit, to be issued by the municipality, and the authorization for environmental intervention in the Permanent Preservation Area (PPA) and native vegetation, to be issued by the State Department of Environment and Sustainable Development (SEMAD). With all these documents at hand, works in the resettlement area are ready to start.

Since December 2018 one can observe machines and workers moving around at the Lucila land, location where the subdistrict will be built. The construction site facilities are being prepared to assist the workers who will work on the site, with offices, restrooms, ambulatory and a cafeteria.

Chosen by the community, the Lucila land is located 35 km from downtown Mariana and will receive approximately 140 families. As in Bento Rodrigues, the construction of Paracatu should be as similar as possible to the physical, social and cultural characteristics of the impacted subdistrict, maintaining, above all, the neighborhood relations.

All stages of the process have the active participation of the community, commission of affected parties and technical advisory body. The resettlement shall occupy an Area with Special Guidelines of approximately 95 hectares, inserted in a total area of about 400 hectares.

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