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Alleged fine and paying back amounts ​of emergency card is false

Published in: 10/11/2017

Renova Clarifies

The Renova Foundation clarifies that FALSE messages are circulating on WhatsApp and social media about an alleged fine and paying back amounts ​​of the emergency card. In addition, the text cites a “alarming rise” of fishermen registered by the fishing colonies of Baixo Guandu and Aimorés. The Renova Foundation reaffirms that all this information disclosed on its behalf is FALSE.

The Renova Foundation talks to people whose records present divergent information and request that they bring the necessary documents to clarify this data. Most of the people summoned for clarification have presented the missing information, corrected the divergent data and have their documentation in order. Therefore, they keep receiving the financial aid as normal. If the information that entitles to the card is not clarified and proven, the person is noticed and the financial aid is suspended without the application of a fine or the need to pay back received amounts.

If you receive information of questionable content, we ask you to contact the Renova Foundation through 0800 031 2303, our customer service centers, or a professional of the Dialogue program in your region.

The Renova Foundation condemns all kinds of rumors and false messages that generate concerns and doubts in the population.

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