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Published in: 10/03/2018

Indemnities , Indenizações

In a hearing held on 10/2, the Prosecution Service approved the agreement for the indemnity payments to those affected

The agreement that enables the indemnity payments to those affected in Mariana (MG) was approved, yesterday, in a hearing at the Municipal Forum. The agreement was signed by the Prosecution Service, with affected parties present, observed by the Technical Advisory Body Caritas and the Public Defender’s Office, allowing each affected person to meet with the Renova Foundation to negotiate their individual indemnity proposal.

The agreement, signed between the Renova Foundation and the Prosecution Service, allows each affected person to negotiate their individual indemnity. | Photo: Nitro Images

In 2016, meetings were held to collect information on the damages in the area between Barra Longa and Linhares for the construction of the Damage Matrix, undertaken by the Foundation. The proposal of integrated registration continues in the municipalities from Barra Longa up to the mouth of the Doce River, with the exception of Mariana (Bento Rodrigues), where they requested reformulation of the presented model.

Throughout 2017, other meetings were held with representatives of those affected from Bento, Caritas and the Prosecution Service to define the registration model to be implemented for the residents of this region.

On October 18, 2017, a Public Civil Action decided, at the request of the affected parties, that the registration in Mariana be conducted by Caritas. Currently, the Foundation monitors the application of registration form 1 and bears the costs of the logistics and infrastructure for accomplishing registration.

To date, more than 7,000 registered families from Barra Longa to the River Mouth have received their final indemnities.

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