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Published in: 07/17/2020

Animal Assistance

21 adorable pets are available, and during the pandemic, the adoption process can be done remotely

Nineteen dogs and two cats rescued after the Fundao dam collapse in 2015 are available for adoption. All of them are castrated and dewormed, and all their exams and vaccines are up to date, including leishmaniasis. These pets are under the care of the Renova Foundation’s Animal Assistance program at the Asa Branca Farm in the district of Camargos (Mariana)

Adoption events and visits to the Temporary Animal Shelter (Cata) were suspended due to COVID-19. As an alternative, the Animal Assistance program provides remote meetings, and the possibility exists of delivering the pet to the person who adopts it, scheduled according to location. Understand below how this process works.

Click here to get to know the animals available for adoption.

Those interested should contact us by calling (31) 97112-3867 (phone call or WhatsApp) or e-mail to start the intermediation, receive more images and information about the pet, according to the specific needs of each case, in addition to guidelines on the adoption process and the animals in question. 

The next step is to conduct an online interview, using applications such as Google Meet or Zoom, so that the team can better understand the profile sought by the person and if they are willing to receive the animal.

“The idea is to show something ‘real’ with more details so that the person can learn more about this pet, how it behaves, and what it is used to, for example. Each animal has particular characteristics. If the person is really interested, we can move on to the adoption process,” explains Luciana Sales from the Renova Foundation’s animal care team.

Another point of attention to the Animal Assistance program is the sensitization/awareness of the tutor. Before the adoption, the interested person also receives the booklet on responsible guardianship and animal welfare prepared by the program, which describes the ideal scenario for its daily life. From there, documents such as the adoption and responsibility agreements are signed. 

After that, the delivery of the pet is scheduled by the Renova Foundation. “For now, the process is easier for the Mariana regionFor others, we evaluate whether it is possible to send the animal now or later when the situation has settled down. It is worth mentioning that we take all the necessary precautions following all the security protocols in face of COVID-19, both in the intermediation and in the delivery of the animal. That means that the team that brings the animal and the family that receives the animal must be aware of all the conditions to minimize any risk or exposure,” highlights Luciana.


To adopt, it is necessary to be the age of majority and have a lot of love and quality of life to offer for these animals. You can find this and other information about animal welfare in the Responsible Guardianship Booklet.

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