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Administrators of municipalities MG and ES participate in workshops on social protection

Published in: 04/06/2017

Social Protection

Suggestions on interventions to reduce and repair the communities’ vulnerabilities will be presented at a later stage

Continuing its dialogue with society in general and public authorities, the Renova Foundation, in March 2017, started participating in a series of workshops on social protection of the affected population and a joint construction of solutions.

The results of these conversations will be presented afterwards and include suggestions of interventions to reduce and repair identified vulnerabilities in the communities. Some improvement points were raised by the participants during the workshops, including the need for additional training for the social workers and health care workers to be ready to act in disaster situations.

Team of Renova Foundation and municipal managers participate in workshop on social protection.

Team of Renova Foundation and municipal managers participate in workshop on social protection. | Photo: Release

“The setup of our support to public health policies and social assistance and the provision of services to the population, was one of the subjects commented by the discussion groups. Listening enabled us to level the information with public authorities”, says Maria Albanita Lima, leader of the Health, Education and Social Protection Programs.

Other meetings were conducted by the Ministry of Social and Agricultural Development (MDS) in Mariana (03/20) and Ipatinga (03/31), in Minas Gerais. On these occasions, there were also present representatives of the Renova Foundation, administrators of federal, state and municipal authorities, and members of the Technical Board of Social Organization. The next meeting will be in Governador Valadares (MG), on April 7. The last meetings will be in Colatina (04/18) and Linhares (04/19), in the Espírito Santo.

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