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Published in: 07/26/2021

Tourism and Recreation

Each organization will receive a contribution of R$5,000 to implement a plan built with the support of specialized mentoring

In June, Renova Foundation’s Project to Strengthen Local Organizations began the formative process for the 172 selected institutions. Classes will be held online and were prepared by the Integrated Center for Sustainable Development Studies and Programs (CIEDS), a partner institution of the Foundation. Formal and informal groups active in tourism, culture, sports, and recreation in the municipalities affected by the Fundao dam collapse are participating in the project.

Until September 2021, those selected will participate in classes related to the third sector, such as networking, in-depth technical analyses, preparation to compete in RFPs, among others.

After the classes, there will be a stage that includes business rounds, networking, and benchmarking, which will last until November the 30th. During the formative process, as actions plans are presented to CIEDS, each organization will receive a contribution of R$5,000 to implement their plan built with the support of specialized mentoring.

The Project to Strengthen Local Organizations aims to promote the sustainable growth of local organizations participating in the fields of tourism, culture, sports, and recreation so that they are able to identify, mobilize, raise funds, work in a network, and carry out actions for the development of the community.

Maria Cristina Aires, coordinator of Education, Culture, and Tourism at Renova Foundation, explains the importance of this initiative for third sector organizations that work in the areas assisted by the Foundation. “This is an opportunity for organizations and groups already operating in these fields to strengthen themselves and ensure sustainability. The formative process encompasses several important topics for working in the third sector and other areas, in a comprehensive and very well-structured initiative.”


The project’s target audience is organizations and informal groups with at least one year of experience in tourism, culture, sports, and recreation, based in the municipalities in the States of Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo, where the Renova Foundation operates.

172 organizations were selected, including arts & crafts associations, musicians, small groups and theater troupes, and sports associations.

Classes are held weekly, and the topics are defined according to the needs identified by the participants in previously filled out forms, explains Eduardo Malini, Education, Culture and Tourism analyst at the Foundation. “This survey, based on the forms, indicates the topics most needed by organizations, if they want to focus more on Public RFPs, for example, the content of the classes will be based on this diagnosis.”

Business Rounds and Benchmarking

At the end of the formative process, meetings will be held between institutions and possible partners to stimulate interaction and networking between organizations. “In Espirito Santo, for example, we are going to hold a webinar according to the specific topics of the organizations, to think regionally about how they can be more effective within their field of action,” says Eduardo Malini, Education, Culture and Tourism analyst.

During the networking process, everything that has been presented and discussed in online classes is enriched. Organizations start to deal with these topics actively to establish business plans and partnerships. “The intention is not just training: it is for them to carry out networking rounds, to get to know potential partners, and from there to develop projects that will strengthen their entity,” concludes Malini.


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