Reconstruction and infrastructure


Complete the engineering work on the Governador Valadares water pipeline

Structure the pass-through and monitoring of the use of funds from the sanitation program to municipalities

Coordinate the basic integrated sanitation
planning for stream beds with municipalities

Replace temporary structures with permanent solutions

Contain materials carried to rivers in the rainy season

Approve projects, obtain licenses and initiate resettlement works

Acquire land in Gesteira, in Barra Longa (MG)

Complete the refurbishment of homes in rural areas

Legalize property owners’ documentation

Generate the conditions to resume economic activities along the river

Encourage the adoption of technology to allow using the tailings for economic gain.


How we built this content

The challenges presented in this chapter reflect the insight of Renova Foundation management in March 2017 into the priority issues to be addressed by our teams in their recovery engagements.
After liaising with those affected and the program managers, we selected the topics in this stage which cur-rently present the greatest challenges or progress. They do not embrace all the issues we are working on, but rather are a sample of the most critical topics raised during our first eight months of operations, from August 2016 to March 2017.