Land and Water


Determine how to go about the reforesting

Devise and implement a plan to restore 40,000 hectares along the Doce river

Prepare a Tailings Management Plan acceptable to the regulatory agencies

Find a technical solution for treating water downstream (from the spring to the river mouth)

Devise a plan of action to mediate the impact on biodiversity

Implement the long-term water Monitoring Plan


How we built this content

The challenges presented in this chapter reflect the perception of Renova Foundation’s management team in March 2017 about the priority issues to be addressed in our remediation actions. After liaising with the affected population and program managers, we selected the topics in this theme which currently present the greatest challenges or progress. They do not embrace all the themes we are working on, but can be seen as a sample of the most critical topics raised during our first eight months of operations, from August 2016 to March 2017.