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What are the obligations of the Renova Foundation?

Our mission is to rebuild, restore and repair all damage caused by the collapse of the Fundão dam on November 5, 2015, whilst fostering social, economic and environmental development of the impacted regions. Our obligations are set out in the commitment signed by the government and the companies Samarco, Vale and BHP on March 2, 2016, the Conduct Adjustment Declaration (TTAC). Renova Foundation was created some months later, on June 30, 2016, and came into operation on August 2, 2016. Since then it has undertaken the oversight and monitoring of the 42 programs established in the TTAc, each with its own theme. The Conduct Adjustment Declaration outlines 41 remediation and compensation programs. However, as work progressed, the decision was made to divide one of the programs into two to ensure a more focused and efficient management approach.

As a result, we are now working across 42 programs under the responsibility of Renova Foundation, as detailed throughout this report.

What is the ttac?

This is the agreement which Samarco, Vale and BHP undertook to pay for the recovery of all damages caused. It was also signed by the Federal Government, the state governments of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, and a series of state institutes, agencies and foundations which technically regulate social, economic and environmental impacts of the disruption. – insert see more on page 14

Does Renova Foundation belong to Samarco?

No. Renova Foundation is an organization with a social purpose, namely to recover the impacts caused by the collapse of the Fundão dam.

Samarco and its shareholders Vale and BHP entered into a commitment with the federal government and state governments of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo in which it agreed to pay for the entire cost of the recovery.
The Foundation was created to implement the rebuilding, restoration and repair programs, using the funds provided by financial donations made by the companies every year, as determined in the public deed of incorporation and the TTAc and to deliver all the remediation and compensation projects. The companies are therefore sponsors of the Foundation. Renova Foundation therefore has no relationship to the dam collapse nor does it represent the companies (Samarco, vale and BHP Billiton). See chapter Financial data on page 48 pointing to financial donations

So who should Renova Foundation report to?

Renova Foundation is overseen directly by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, that takes care
of society’s interests. There is also an inter-federative committee (IFC), whose members include the Federal Government, the State Governments of Minas Gerais and Espírito Santo, the Municipal Governments of Mariana, Rio Doce and Linhares and public institutions with expertise: Brazilian institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA); Chico Mendes institute for Biodiversity conservation; National Water Agency (Ana);National institute of indigenous People (Funai) and the National Mining Production Department (DNPM); in Minas Gerais: State Forestry institute (iEF); Mineiro institute of Water Management (IGAM) and the State Environment Foundation (FEAM).

In Espírito Santo: State Environment and Water Resources Agency (IEMA); Forestry and Livestock Defence institute of Espírito Santo (IDAF); and the State Water Resources Agency (AGERH). The committee operates as a permanent means of interaction with the Foundation, monitoring and overseeing its results, without prejudice to the legal authority of the respective agencies.

How are people from the affected communiities heard and how do they participate in decisions?

In several ways: all recovery programs start by defining what needs to be done and all those involved are consulted,: the community, local NGOs, experts, regulatory agencies and other stakeholders. This process is still in its early days, and we seek to enhance it through daily practices. We have a principal: a solution will only be effective and improve living standards in the region if it is implemented in conjunction with the people. We have a principal: a solution will only be effective and improve living standards in the region if it is implemented in conjunction with the people.

How can I contact Renova Foundation?

In several ways. See which is most convenient for you:

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